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Teeth in One Day

The teeth in one day is a revolutionary procedure meant to treat people with missing teeth. Decayed and failing teeth have several replacement options.
Dr. Sudhakar Reddy specializes in the advanced procedures to give teeth in a day so that patients enter the clinic can go back with the teeth when they are leaving the clinic. Another technique of replacing gull mouth is ALL on 4.
The all-on-four procedure is known to be one of the advanced and reliable techniques of teeth replacement. Especially advantageous for both upper and lower jaw restorations, the procedure needs four dental implants in place for each jaw. These four implants support customized set of teeth that replaced.
The whole stomatognathic system which includes the muscles, jaw joints and the nerves are restored permanently with all-on-four implants. Facial structures are restored producing a youthful appearance of the face.
The teeth in one day procedure contain some extremely crucial steps:
Implants placed initially on the jaw bone should be immobile for osseointegration
Strategic placement of implants is necessary to achieve full support. Teeth are stabilized by rigidly connecting them to the implants.

Dr. Sudhakar Reddy follows an efficacious treatment plan which includes:

  • Initial consultation CT scans, x-rays and impressions assess the site of the surgery
  • Surgery is scheduled after conducting a complete physical examination and collection of medical history.
  • A titanium fixed permanent bridge is placed in a single sitting and within 24 hours of extraction of decayed or damaged tooth / teeth
  • A CBCT allows accurate measurement of anatomical sites like the nerves, bone defects and sinuses which may not be seen under regular x-rays.

Benefits of teeth in one day

  • The neighbouring teeth are not compromised to place the implants because the implants are the anchors and can induce similar force of the tooth root.
  • One of the best alternatives for dentures, the implant provides you immediately with the ability to speak coherently and confidently.
  • The success rate of the implants is high and results are long-term. Optimal results are derived with the placement of these implants.


                       Authored By DR. SUDHAKARA REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore 


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