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Treatments offered

            -Regular Implants

                        -Single Tooth Replacements

                   -Multiple Tooth Replacements

                   - Immediate Implants Along With Teeth Removal

                   -Full Mouth Fixed Ceramic Teeth (All On 6 / 8)

                   - Full Fixed Hybrid Denture (All on 4)

                   -Implant Supported Removable Dentures

                   -Zygomatic Implants                

            -Basal Implants

                        -Teeth In One Visit (Immediate Front teeth Replacement

                   -Immediate Mulitiple Teeth Replacement

                   - Full Set Of Fixed Teeth in 10 days

                   -Full Set Fixed Dentures in 3 Days

             -Bone Agumentation Procedures

                        -Indirect Sinus Lift

                   -Direct Sinus Lift

                   -Ridge Splitting Procedures

                   -Bone Grafting

          Teeth For Jaw Reconstruction Patients



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Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore

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