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Multiple Teeth Replacement

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced at single stage. It can be done by placing individual implant for individual missing tooth or can reduce the number of implants by making it into implant supported bridge.

Molars are large, multi-rooted teeth which perform the essential function of chewing. When one or more molars are lost a lot of pressure is applied to the front teeth that are not equipped to perform the grinding function. This makes multiple teeth replacement a necessity.

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Implant supported bridge

  • Implant supported bridges are a superior option to removable partial dentures
  • They arrest bone deterioration process
  • Facial integrity is well-maintained
  • Gum-line is intact
  • Natural Chewing capacity is restored
  • Adjacent teeth are preserved
  • They look and feel like natural teeth
  • Dental implant is permanent

Replacing individually with multiple implants

  • Better than implant supported bridge in strength & longitivity
  • Can be given like an individual teeth
  • Better esthetics


Dr. Sudhakar Reddy customizes patients needs for replacement of multiple missing teeth either by two stage or by single stage depends on patients need
Two-Stage implants

  • Implants that look like tiny cylinders or screws are first placed into the jaw
  • The implants are designated a time of about 3 6 months time frame (3 months for lower jaw teeth and 6 months for upper jaw teeth) to bond


  • Temporary immediate teeth replacement option can be considered if involved teeth are in esthetic areas like front teeth
  • The implants are then uncovered and extensions attached after stipulated time frame
  • A couple of weeks are allowed for the gums to heal and teeth is given

Single-Stage implants


  • The system uses implants with abutments already attached
  • Replacement teeth or bridges are created and affixed to them
  • Advise the patient not to chew hard food for 3-6 months of healing period


                      Authored By DR. SUDHAKARA REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore 



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