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Immediate Teeth After Placing Implant

Permanent teeth with implants in a day to 3 days

Loss of teeth can compromise appearance, smile, speech, chewing and most importantly self confidence. Traditional placements can take a long time. But In this generation of busy life, many of us dont want to spend lots of time waiting for implant bonding and other bone developing procedures before actual fixed teeth comes. Most of them wanted quick solution.
Technological advances in the field of dentistry allow us to give fixed teeth from single tooth restoration to full arch permanent placements in a short period of time.

Here, Implants are placed in missing teeth areas and immediate temporary teeth is given on the same day. And after 3-6 months permanent teeth is fixed. Depends on the case, even permanent ceramic teeth also can be given immediately.


  • Immediate implant after tooth removal has better implant success rate
  • Patient can leave the clinic with the teeth
  • No waiting period of 3-6 months unlike traditional technique
  • Treatment time is reduced

Candidates for immediate teeth after implant placements:

  • Missing teeth in the back or the front
  • Teeth missing due to prior removal
  • Decayed teeth that cannot be saved
  • Loose removable dentures associated with severe discomfort
  • Teeth are mobile and do not allow eating / chewing from a side
  • Inconfident smile due to:
    • Uncomfortable removable dentures
    • Decayed and compromised front teeth
    • Gaps in the front teeth
  • Infected gums which lead to loose teeth in the jaw

This technique may not be recommended in cases like infected teeth or teeth with cystic lesions. But Dr. Sudhakara Reddy especially trained& places implants and restore teeth in such a situations where infected teeth, cyst areas and situations where there is no sufficient bone also. He uses some of the latest technology and basal implants/disc implants/ Hybrid to patients who intend to affix fast, permanent teeth. Dr. Reddy processes and fabricates permanent teeth in a hi-tech laboratory to produce good quality dentures.
Materials commonly used to fabricate permanent teeth are:

  • Zirconia which are metal-free ceramic
  • Regular porcelain that is fused to metal
  • Acrylic hybrid denture (metal reinforced)

Dr, Reddy places high-gloss, high-strength permanent teeth that can function immediately upon placement.
If you wanted to know whether you are the right candidate to get immediate teeth with immediate implantation, you can contact us for more information.


                      Authored By DR. SUDHAKARA REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore 



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