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Full Mouth (Full set of fixed teeth in 10 days) Fixed Teeth

Immediate loading basal implants

Teeth restoration with traditional implants virtually took about 6 months to complete leaving the patient with a pertinent disadvantage of no teeth for lengthy periods of time. But for this process, there should be sufficient bone to place implants.


As with the age advances, periodontal problems increases and teeth becomes mobile and so as the bone shrinks down leaving very less available bone for which regular implants may not be possible. Especially in upper back teeth areas where sinus dips down and makes available bone is like paper thin. In such cases, doing regular implants is a cumbersome procedure and need extra time of another 6 months to year and need bone grafting procedures like sinus lift, bone augmentation(taking your own bone from elsewhere to add the teeth areas) etc…


At that age, nobody wants to go for such aggressive surgical procedures and also do not wanted to wait for such a longer periods to get fixed teeth. What anybody wants at that age was immediate fixed teeth in as less duration as possible with little risk with no aggressive surgical procedures.
“YES……THAT IS POSSIBLE” here.. Dr. Sudhakara Reddy, maxillofacial surgeon & Implantologist can make that dream possible by giving fixed teeth even in cases where there is no sufficient bone to place implants within few days to weeks.
Dr. Reddy uses ALL on 4/6 technique by using regular implants or basal implants or Hybrid Implants or the combination of above depending upon case to restore teeth immediately.

Procedural steps:

Step 1: Initial consultation:

  • Discussing patient possibilities
  • Clinical and radiological dental examination
  • Final discussion of the plan with the patient

Step 2: Dental impression


  • A dental impression of full set of teeth is taken
  • Permanent teeth is fabricated
  • Bite registration is taken


Step 3: Affixing permanent implants

  • Local anaesthetic is administered
  • Extraction of teeth is accomplished and sockets are cleansed (If incase of teeth remaining which are mobile/infected)
  • All visible pathology is debrided from the surgical sites
  • An antibiotic solution is used to irrigate the area
  • Placement of 6-10 implants in each arch depends on available bone
  • Placement of implants can be Zygomatic implants/Pterigoid Implants/Tuberocity implants, implants over canince fossa and below nasal floor to get the thick basal bone
  • The mandibular implants are then placed
  • Acrylic prosthesis is then attached and secured to the maxillary implants, in few cases permanent fixed porcelain teeth also can be given

See the cases in gallery which Dr. Sudhakara Reddy has managed full mouth cases and compromised cases to give permanent fixed teeth in few days to a week time


                     Authored By DR. SUDHAKARA REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore 


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