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Full Mouth Fixed Teeth

If you have complete missing teeth, not able to eat even a soft diet and are wearing removable dentures that are so loose and moving while you speak then – Yes here are the options to rectify it.

Full mouth fixed teeth can be called full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth restoration with dental implants.
Loss of all the teeth leads to significant reduction in the patient’s quality of life and self image perception. Therefore offering the correct treatment options is an important aspect of comprehensive patient treatment plan in todays dental practice.



The need for a full mouth reconstruction:

  • When all the teeth lost due to aging by natural physiologic process
  • When teeth are lost due to decay/ caries/ infection
  • Teeth lost due to mobility(Due to Periodontal infection)
  • Teeth lost due to extractions
  • Loose/ Ill fitting dentures

Dr. Sudhakara Reddy practices dental implants exclusively and has vast experience in managing full mouth rehabilitation cases and is one of the pioneers in managing full mouth restorations even if there is no bone.
Full mouth fixed teeth is the process of simultaneously restoring all of the teeth with implants in the upper and lower jaws. Restoration of complete oral health, beauty and function is the key in full mouth rehabilitation.
Full mouth rehabilitation is a fairly complex procedure requiring patience and precision both from the doctor and the patient. If not done correctly, it can result in bad aesthetics and joint functional problems that might cost you twice the amount to fix it.So it is imperative to approach a doctor who is experienced in conducting full mouth restoratives instead of someone who does these once in a while or has done just a few implant cases.
Things to be examined before doing full mouth rehab:
Dr. Reddy conducts a comprehensive examination and plan the different types of full mouth options, discuss what would be the best option to fit your needs, wants and finances.

  • The condition of the gums
  • The temporomandibular joint is examination (Bite changes are important especially for restorative treatments because it is essential that implants shouldnt be a failure due to incorrect bite)

Imaging studies

  • A panoramic x-ray is required
  • A 3D scan/ Cone beam CT Scan is required for proper planning

Full mouth rehabilitation options:
Option 1: Individual teeth replacement with one implant to one tooth
Option 2: Placing 8 Implants in upper jaw & 8 implants in lower jaw and restore with 24 Units Bridge
(12 unit upper and 12 unit lower)
Option 3: Placing 6 implants in Upper and 6 Implants in lower and restore with 24 Units Bridge
Most economical, fully fixed set of teeth that patient cant remove it
Option 4: Placing 4-5 implants in upper and 4-5 implants in lower and giving Hybrid Denture
Denture with only teeth portion which is fixed to implants that cant be removed by patient
Option 5: Placing 2-3 implants in upper and 2-3 implants in lower jaw.
Existing or new denture is fixed to implants that can be detachable
Needs to remove and washed once in a day


                     Authored By DR. SUDHAKARA REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore 



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