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Direct Sinus Lift

The direct sinus lift or the lateral window sinus elevation is a widely used technique when resorption of the alveolar bone which leads to insufficient bone height (No bone to place implant). In such a case dental implants cannot be placed and it goes into the sinus if placed due to insufficient bone. So, a lateral wall sinus elevation seems inevitable.

Direct Sinus Lift X-Ray (Before-After)

sinus lift bangalore


maxillary sinus lift bangalore

Before-Direct sinus lift on left side copy

direct sinus lift bangalore

Direct sinus lift on right side copy- After

direct sinus lift bangalore


Benefits of LWT

  • Straight forward technique to get correct amount of bone for dental implant
  • Direct visualization of sinus and implant placement and adding the bone are under direct vision
  • Highly predictable technique
  • Successful regeneration of bone can be expected for placement of the implant
  • Implant can be placed simultaneously with the elevation or can also be placed after a healing period (depends on case)
  • Immediate placement condenses healing times and eliminates the need for an additional surgical procedure



Caldwell-Luc Procedure

  • The Caldwell-Luc procedure is the lateral window sinus augmentation.
  • The access to the sinus cavity is obtained through a bony window created in the lateral maxillary wall after which the Schneiderian membrane is elevated.
  • A combination of autogenous bone and the allograft is used for bone grafting. The bone graft and the bony window are divided by an absorbable collagen membrane placed in between them.
  • The technique allows direct visualization of the bone and accurate placement and positioning of the implant.
  • Any tear in the membrane can be treated easily with collagen membrane.


Antral Balloon Sinus lift Procedure

  • Sinus membrane is elevated by using a rubber balloon (antral balloon) instead of manual tools
  • This technique has less chances of membrane perforation
    (Can refer to Dr. Sudhakara Reddys international article: Antral Balloon Sinus Elevation and Grafting Prior to Dental Implant Placement: Review of 34 Cases. The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants 2014;29:414418)


Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, a Maxillofacial surgeon by specialization has vast experience with such a surgical procedures and can make this surgeries very simple. Direct sinus lift procedure will b of maximum 30 minutes to 45 minutes time under local anesthesia. No additional post surgical major instructions.


  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Extensive use of nasal steroids
  • Chronic nasal obstruction
  • Chronic hyposmia
  • Dental CT scans(CBCT) are performed to determine the anatomy of the sinus along with the pathology.


  • Preoperative dosages of systemic antibiotics such as amoxicillin or clindamycin
  • A chlorhexidine 0.12 percent rinse is done
  • A maxillary vestibular infiltration and Posterior superior alveolar nerve block anaesthesia is administered
  • Vertical incisions are performed at least 5 mm away from the osteotomy already planned
  • Conventional rotary instruments are used for irrigation and cooling at 800 to 2000rpm
  • Light pressure with copious cooling irrigation ensures bone thinning
  • Lateral technique is approached through the trap door or access hole
  • The opened window is large enough to allow instrumentation access
  • Curettes aid the elevation of the sinus membrane from the sinus floor towards the posterior wall, the superior wall and lastly the anterior wall
  • The space is then grafted with materials
  • Collagen membrane is used to cover the window
  • The mucoperiosteal flap is repositioned and sutured


                        Authored By DR. SUDHAKARA REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore 


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